About Me

My top 3 reasons for WHY I do WHAT I do 

*I love cheerleading fabulous female entrepreneurs & sharing in their success stories. I really       L-O-V-E experiencing the pure and simple joy that comes from witnessing aspiring lady bosses transform from feeling STUCK, STAGNANT & BLOCKED to feeling like EMPOWERED beginners who take COURAGEOUS ACTION.


So, whether a great gal is manifesting her dreamy spiritual business or a dreamy pair of shoes, I love cheering her on as she travels along her journey. 

*I love all things related to MANIFESTING. In fact, I've dubbed myself the Manifesting Queen. I revel in the blissful feeling of satisfaction after I've done something crae crae because it "felt" right & then reaped wonderful rewards. I love, love, love to see an abstract idea transformed into a physical, tangible thing that I can see and touch with my very own eyes. I love studying it, I love doing it & I love teaching it. 

*I love mentoring & teaching intuitive & sensitive ladies about INTUITION, MANIFESTATION, SPIRITUAL BUSINESSES & HOW TO CREATE A FREEDOM LIFESTYLE. 



Because I'm super, duper clear on WHY I do WHAT I do

If you're an aspiring female entrepreneur, who is into rocks and crystals and oracle cards & the like... if you're a spectacular lady gal who is perhaps going through a difficult transition i.e. loss of a loved one, loss of a job, ending of a relationship, etc., I CAN help. 

*I can help you connect with your higher self so that you can be your very own best Psychic

*I can provide you with a simple step by step system on how to receive, listen to and act on messages received from your spirit guides

*I can hold your hand as you manifest your very first paying client or your very first paying student BECAUSE I've been there, in your shoes, scared & frustrated. Not knowing which way to turn, not knowing where to start. Trust me, I feel you on so many levels right now. 

Along my own intuitive journey...

*I said yes to a 3 month intuitive apprenticeship before having a way to pay for it. And THEN, after I listened to my guidance & wholeheartedly COMMITTED, I manifested $2,509.00 to pay for the entire experience. 

*I listened to that inner calling that said something funky like "buy a mop." Didn't care how crazy it seemed or how crazy I looked as the cashier at the grocery store was cracking up when I went through the checkout line... and THEN, MIRACULOUSLY overnight I manifested $454.50 which then increased to $1054.50, leading me to my first $1K month of online income. Yippee, that was so exciting. 

*I learned how to face my fear and I launched and taught my first Let Your Yoga Dance class. AND then, I taught another one and another one and another one. 


To keep me happy and balanced while I'm manifesting my big dreams, I incorporate these 3 things into my daily routine as much as possible...

*HUMOR -  Any hilariously funny movies involving my favorite comedians: Kevin Hart, Amy Schumer, and Melissa McCarthy

*Chocolate Protein Shakes & Green Smoothies

*Traveling & exploring (helps to keep this gal excited and curious about life)

Professional Background




SUNY Plattsburgh – BA in Psychology, Spanish Minor

Certifications & Trainings

Developing Your Intuition Level One, Certificate of Completion – by Lisa K, 2014

EEM Foundations Year, Certificate of Completion – by Marjorie Fein, 2015-2016

Certified Reiki Level 1 Practitioner – by Kristin Marie Rodriguez, 2015

Certified Reiki Level 1 & 2 Practitioner – by Sherrylee Govani, 2015

Certified Reiki Level 1 & 2 Practitioner – by Lisa K, 2015-2016

Certified Reiki Master Teacher – by Lisa K, 2016

The Jaguar Path, Yoga & Shamanism, Certificate of Completion – by Ray Crist, 2015-2016

Yoga Teacher Training – by Ray Crist, 2015-2017

Certified Let Your Yoga Dance Teacher – by Megha-Nancy Buttenheim, 2016

The Inspired Feng Shui Consultant Certification Course – by Karen Rauch Carter, 2016-2017

B-School - by Marie Forleo, 2014 – Ongoing Annually