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What is Let Your Yoga Dance?

Let Your Yoga Dance is an inspirational joy based movement practice that combines intuitive expressive dance with the traditions of Yoga. The traditions of Yoga include but are not limited to gentle Yoga poses, breathwork, moving meditations and guided relaxations. Let Your Yoga Dance is offered in a kind, safe and compassionate environment and is a chakra fusion set to fabulous music from around the world. Let Your Yoga Dance is for everyone and every BODY; all are welcome in my classes. Every student is considered a dancer even if they’ve never danced before! No previous dance or Yoga experience is required. The only requirement is an open heart. Let Your Yoga Dance is unique in that it inspires and encourages healing through joy.

Click HERE to sign up for a Let Your Yoga Dance class by completing the registration form, which is on page 35 & submitting it to the Town of Mt. Pleasant along with a check. 

Click HERE to contact me if you have any questions regarding my Let Your Yoga Dance classes.

A few benefits of Let Your Yoga Dance are...


*Joy, laughter & fun which increases the release of feel good chemicals called endorphins and decreases the release of stress hormones such as cortisol 

*Increased self-confidence; research shows that doing power poses such as the Yogic Goddess pose decreases the release of stress hormones and increases the release of testosterone which is linked to assertiveness and confidence

*Increased body health, brain health, heart health & soul health

*Breaks the isolation of being alone; creates a tribe; a healthy support system

*Engages the mind, body and spirit simultaneously

My intentions for holding a Let Your Yoga Dance classes and workshops are:


*To provide a sacred, safe and enjoyable movement space for participants

*To share breathing techniques that can help participants relax

*To encourage joy and healing through movement and creative self expression

*To encourage participants to find their power and find their voice by dancing through the chakras

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