Dance the night away

Jump off the dock into the lake in the beautiful month of May

Laugh with all your might

Childishly giggle as you fly your kite

Down by the seashore

Where there is always room for more

Where the water is clear

Where through the sky lit moon, the language of the stars your soul it will hear

Where you skin sparkles a fabulous tan

Where you can eat fresh baked bread right out of the pan

Where you make love for days that never end

Where your room is filled with the most aromatic essential oil blend

Where flowers bloom


Where you relish in tasting the most exotic fruits

Dane and Play

Giggle and Pray

Light a candle

Hang your stocking on the mantle

Kiss your sweatheart from dusk til’ dawn

Because you never really know

When the joy of living may be gone


"The Chai"