A Workshop in the Making... Connecting the Dots... Grief, Speaking, Movement & Messages from Beyond

I am ready to commit myself to this sacred work and I’m starting to finally allow myself to come to terms with that which is, with that which once was, with that which is my mind’s eye shall be once again. I felt a man near me yesterday as I opened the oracle jar. I felt his spirit. It was kind and gentle and I felt his height, he was tall. I felt his guidance as I picked a slip from the jar. The slip in the jar that I chose read “A career that excites you.” As I write this, I am hearing “I am Brad.”I imagined myself on stage, I cannot explain it quite…It was in pictures… I saw myself in front of an audience. I was leading them in some sort of funny movement, similar to Let Your Yoga Dance, in fact, maybe it was a Let Your Yoga Dance routine or two. Afterward, I felt compelled to explain to those in the audience that – I am hearing “You are being trained, Amy.” – not only was this an interactive icebreaker but I then found myself explaining that when our loved ones cross over, they want to communicate with us and often times they are around us, near us, trying to get our attention but since the weight of our grief is heavy, it’s like a non-porous cement block and it literally blocks our ability to receive messages and communications from the other side. I am being told as I write this “It’s heavy, Amy, it’s not a good conductor of energy (grief). Joy, laughter and love are like medicine to a broken, grieving heart, a heart that which is in mourning, a heart that perpetually mourns.” It appears that I go on to give some sort of full blown speech about grief to those in the audience. I am hearing “That is your specialty, Amy, talking about grief.” Actually, I’m not quite sure what I’m speaking about up there but I see myself, as if I’m listening to something or someone and then pacing back and forth across the stage. I see myself pointing back and forth at various people in the audience. What comes to mind is literally a woman I watched online once. She is a Psychic Medium and she was on a stage sharing her story. I’m jumping all over the place here, it’s as if I’m writing this down but then simultaneously, I am receiving droplets of information. I am hearing “It’s Brad.” And then, back to my vision, I am seeing her again, alone on stage answering questions. There is one lonely microphone right below yet near the stage and people from the audience are lining up one by one and when it’s their turn, they walk up to the microphone and ask any question they want about their loved ones who have crossed over, and about what ails them. Oh my God, they’re even asking about aliens and then other miscellaneous general questions about how the other sides operates, etc. I’m hearing again “Grief is your specialty.” I’m seeing so much in my mind’s eye. The vision of me with my head slumped. I know the people in my classes are hurting on a deeper level and I’m wondering, contemplating and trying to figure out how I can help them heal that which lies beneath, on a deeper level. I want to know how to access their layers. “Layers of your chakras possess different types of information and can be extremely helpful in the healing process. Read up on it and paint pictures. It is through paintings that you will learn the colors of the auric field and it is through writing that you shall learn how to access the energetic blueprints of the chakras. We shall show you.” I feel excited again. I feel ready. The Vision. I am there on stage. People move their bodies. I explain why. I give a speech about death and the afterlife. Oh my goodness, this sounds a bit morbid 😊 “We’ve chosen you because your humor and delicate personality help put people at ease, it does Amy. Plus, you are direct. The information, it will come to you in time. You will be doing amazing healings in the sense that your work will lift the veil of grief that lies between people and their loved ones and vice versa." Okay, so yes, then I hear the brokenness in the audience and I tend to the garden. I mean, I learn to feel a “Sitter.” A sitter helps line up and organize spirits. I start to feel them, the spirits line up and stand behind the audience members. This isn’t quite enough though. I start to teach workshops on this stuff. I feel like that is all for night 1 because this is literally all that people can handle. They must rest and release and regain their strength. For those who have received messages, their hearts open, their auras are strong again, their chakras spin at their normal velocity and speed and their bodies shine with rosy red cheeks. They feel lighter like a weight has been lifted. “Someday you will do this Amy.” “I am Brad.” "For those who didn’t receive a message, they will feel distraught, perhaps disappointed and heavy as the air they breathe thickens around them. It is not your job to heal everyone but it will be and to a certain extent, it is your job to inspire and to give these people and people in general hope that yes, their loved ones will come through in some way, shape or form. When they’re ready, if they’re ready, which may or may not be on this ship, they’ll come through." *It’s important to note, again, that they might be trying to communicate right now but because of one’s grief, they are unable to access a clear channel of communication* “The next day is where you teach Amy. This is where your heart soars and delights in teaching. You teach them how to connect through the tools you have learned and through mastering the quieting of one’s mind. There will be a show and tell so to speak, like way back then where they sit in circles and share their stories. There will be too many people to sit in one big circle. We’ll work this out, stop worrying Amy. We can see the wheels in your head spinning because you want to include everybody. The ending will be a dinner and a song and lastly an energetic healing massage to again help relax and release any tensions in their bodies.” “Write it out.” “Here is the outline to a workshop you will do 😊 😊 😊 Day 1

  1. Welcoming Introduction

  2. Movement Warmup/Icebreaker

  3. Speech

  4. Your Story

  5. What Does a Medium Do?

  6. What Do You Do and How Do You Work?

  7. Messages to the audience

  8. Ending Short Speech

  9. Thank you

  10. Inspire & Hope

  11. Closing Prayer

Day 2

  1. Light Breakfast and Share (If anyone had any unexpected or surprising things happen to them the night before).

  2. Review the Outline for Today’s Activities

  3. Yoga and Guided Relaxation

  4. Break Up Into Groups

  5. Short Meditations

  6. Writing

  7. Small Group Shares

  8. Big Hearty Lunch – Long Lunch

  9. One BIG Circle share. Each person shares their grief story and briefly talks about their person or persons who have died. Each person only gets 5 minutes, use a timer and a talking stick.

  10. Classical Music and Painting

  11. Option Share

  12. Closing Speech and Goodbyes

  13. Sign up for personal 1 x1 healing sessions

  14. Evaluations (You’re going to want to get feedback so that you can improve as you go along)

Day 3

  1. Get a massage 😊

  2. Relax in the sun!

  3. Eat delicious healthy meals

  4. Have fun

Day 4

  1. Optional Activities or Just rest and relax 😊

Day 5

  1. No Optional Activities – Just relax and enjoy yourselves!

​Lovingly, Amy & "The Chai"