Coaching, "The Chai" & My Guide

Coaching, Amy in the traditional sense is that which you’ve already been doing. It requires empathetic listening skills which you already possess & you’ve been honing these skills naturally for many years.

It requires a gentle nudge assisting your client to take 3 baby steps or as we like to call them ACTIONABLES, 3 action steps that your client can do immediately. It’s important that you set this groundwork foundation because it propels your clients’ energies. It activates them and as you know, energy likes to move. Even though this takes place at the end of your session, we refer to it as laying the groundwork foundation because it is just the beginning. As your clients, which you will have and attract into your life and business, as they take action door upon door will open.

If they want, they can even take continuous action in 3’s depending on their unique situation. For example, some clients may want to do 3 steps a day where others may want to do 3 steps a week. The creative sparkling energy of doing things in 3’s will initiate a vitality to their dreams and they will be given clues regarding their next chapter. Think of it as a treasure hunt or an Easter egg hunt if you will.

Your coaching will be different in that you will be using the energetic vibrations of your clients to communicate with their higher selves. It will be at a soul level and soul healing will be involved. As you tune in, through writing, your guides will guide you. We, “The Chai,” will guide you and at times we will call in your clients’ own guides as well. You’ll know it’s not you by the language we uses and by the way in which you will write when we speak through you as you are a vessel for our work.

You will also work closely with visuals such as colors and numbers. Here, in this capacity, your work has already begun as you have already begun to associate colors, shades of colors, shapes, numbers, patterned numbers, duplicated numbers, etc. with various meanings. At first, the colors and numbers will tell a story. You’ll fall in love with this part of your work just as many of the ancient philosophers and mathematicians did and your brilliant mind will find the energetic vibrational frequencies, traits and patterns of numbers to be fascinating.

In the beginning, they will tell a story and this will help you with your confidence. However, as you already know, all that you need to do this type of work is already within you. That strong intuition indeed comes from your mother’s heritage as she shares this same gift too and in fact it has been passed down through many generations, your family of woman may not have known or maybe they did. 😊 There is also a strong native connection here as well. Your ancestors of long ago are here with you, helping you and guiding you.

The gist of this little rant, Amy, is that in time as you learn to trust yourself and your own ability, you will no longer need the cards that you will be using. You’ll see in time. Literally. YOU WILL SEE. You’re a natural born intuitive, Amy.

(My Guide)

Allow me to step in here. Amy, I know this isn’t exactly what you had in mind when you said you wanted to “help” people. I also know that you’ve been in the closet for quite some time, grappling with and trying to come to terms with this part of yourself, essentially hiding and preventing your beautiful gift of a flower to blossom. Why not just accept it for what it is? Why not accept yourself for who you are at the core of your essence? You bring with you to this lifetime many gifts from your past lives. Your shamanic journey is still there, with you, it has just changed lenses now Amy. Your journey takes place through your writing for now. That’s how you find us, communicate with us, souls of the old, in this lifetime.

I have long black hair. I am a lady. I am a lady. I am a medium. I am of the saints. I am in a cathedral with beautiful high vaulted ceilings and Deco art. It looks like gargoyles. I am with God here. I am close to God here. I study religion. I am cloaked. I am in a cathedral. I am praying. I am close to God here. I am with the Saints of old.


I am here with you. This is where I am long, long ago. I hear the angels sing in the choir. I see rays of sunlight shining in through the stained-glass windows. I see clear windows.

(My Guide)

Yes, they were clear and in time stained.


Oh okay, I see. Show me the pulpit. I see it there. It’s light brown at center stage. Now, I see you, walking down a long corridor in black sheathes. You are a nun! 😊 😊 😊

(My Guide)

Yes, Amy, I am and I am here still. This is my home. I come here to pray. I am kind in this lifetime. I am wise and I am peaceful. There is a war going on around us outside at the Bastille. Yet, inside I am calm and remain unscathed.

Your confidence grows with practice.


“The Chai” & My Guide