Conversations with God... Divine Timing

There are times in our lives

When we meet people we thought we’d never find

There are times in life

When you find someone who just seems so right

There are times in our lives

When one must act by faith and not by sight

And when you finally do

Listen to that quiet little voice inside of you…

The gates of heaven open

As your heart rejoices and starts to let hope flood in

You are able to see the beauty of the flowers


Your mind creates endless works of art for hours and hours

You feel the freedom of the slaves

You feel fresh and renewed and thankful for this day

You walk with a confidence rarely known to man

You speak with ease and comfort

As you play on the beach in the sandy white sand

You see the rays of the vast oceans

Sparkle and shine

You cheer and laugh and giggle and you're finally able to reminisce about the good ol’ times

That which ails you can no longer be

You have reset your mindset

So that through the fear you will see

The illusion of time, the illusion of space

The idea that we’re here to learn and grow and create our own fate

The power of the mind

So tried and so very true

As the compass of your soul gently guides you

When you are feeling every so down, droopy and blue

That which you feel, Amy

Dear sweet soul of mine

Is a connection with us

So heavenly divine

We are Armani in our fancy suits

We are the soldiers in their mud trenched boots

We are the bankers from the crash

We are the farmers at the 1930’s square dance bash

We are who we are…

Oh, heavenly divine

We are the galaxies and the stars

And the gracious trees of birch bark and pine

Find us here when you’re not looking

Find us here when you’re speaking at your next booking

Find us here on your next date

Find us here as your pray

Find us here in your lonely heart

Find us here as you find love again and the courage to start…

That heart centered business you knew you would always grow


When your family cheers at Christmas time as you reap the seeds you sow

You see, Dear child of mine

You are never alone in this world as you try, try, try

As you learn lessons of the times

As nature’s rhythms speak to you in their rhymes

You are a Queen and that is how you should be treated

Don’t ever let your sweet & sour heart be defeated

You never really do know

What another one feels…

Just being you can make one’s heart glow and grow…

Over a courteous and kind deliciously delightful meal

It’s okay dear to let God in

It’s okay dear to trust in me, the almighty Kingpin

It’s okay to set your sights high

It’s okay to speak to us, ANGELS and GUARDIANS in the sky

You may feel like you want to run like tomorrow

For deep down inside you know that he is trying to work through a tremendous amount of pain

and all of his heavily burdened sorrow

You’ll find him again

In another space and in another time

When his lines are clear

And his heart isn’t so intertwined

You’ll find him again someday

And by then your heart will be ready to come out and play

Right now you’re just TOO fragile

Still holding onto the wounds of the past

You’re too blind to see the magic

That’s whizzing by you lightning speed fast

Open your heart Amy

And you will see

That my beauty extends galaxies

Timing, my child is a strength of mine

Why, God? Why would you present me with one, one unavailable to be mine?

You’re a teacher, Amy

You’re bestowed as a gift, a beacon of light

To those who are in their darkest of darkest of dreariest nights

You are a beautiful majestic sight

To the eyes of the beholder…

You are meant to inspire...

And inspire you did...

Queen Bee you are

Hold those standards true in everything, that which you do



Love with all of your heart



Live passionately like each day is a bright new beginning, a miraculous new start

You must get out of that head where those brilliant wheels of yours spin

You must laugh and play and simply live 😊

As you rejoice in your own splendor, following your heartfelt voice that spindles from within

Untwine your soul Amy

Allow the melodies of your heart to soar

Untie the knots of attachment

And allow the universe to caress you in its’ loving arms


"The Uni"