Conversations with Jesus, God & "The Chai"

Conversations with Jesus, God and "The Chai"

Open your eyes my child

Open your eyes and your life will be filled with fun and cheer and your days will be oh so very wild

Open that brave heart of yours and allow us to help you, allow us to open doors

Bigger and bolder than your imagination can fathom

And your bank account will transform from silver to platinum

Open your eyes and you will see a person wearing red on a busy street

Commotion will stop and hastiness will cease

When you allow us to guide you and in doing so this madness of sorts will cease

***We are here to guide you Amy in so that you may guide others***

In this human lifetime, there are those you will meet who will seem like brothers.

You see Amy, everyone travels in soul groups in so that one way or another you can support each other in this lifetime and give each other gentle boost 😊 These folks are called your soul family and they can be both near and far. They can be both in an out. They can both here and there. At times they might look manly, they can be someone you revere or someone you often dislike from the start. Their faces can be adorned with the most beautiful lips or the largest of snouts.

Tis something your physicality allows you not to see

That is without the guidance of me, “The Chai”

We are but one of many and we come to you with our ascended masters, gifts and knowledge of plenty.Your soul group is here to evolve and there are many problems you come here to solve...Together as a unit even though sometimes it feels like the answer, your mind is losing it

There is no perfection, Amy here on earth

If there was then, that’d be a little boring don’t ya say and by golly what in heavens would you learn?

Folly and fright are coupled with what’s naughty and what’s right.

Ah yes, our work here, with you is to see you through this trying time so that you can do WHAT YOU CAME HERE TO DO! Our work here is to guide you through lifetimes of loneliness and despair so that in turn your heart can heal and you can sit on your throne, a mighty magnificent QUEEN in her chair.

You will meet the one who will understand what’s going on underneath there

From only a glance or a quick stare

And when you do your life will sparkle with joy

As you allow yourself the freedom of love and all your heavenly gifts, you will enjoy.

You see, Amy, my dear, a student of the sages and a teacher of the ages

Now, is the time to carefully shed that snakeskin that no longer supports your new life and where your higher vibration soul now lives

Now is the time to let go of the pain, the fury and heartache so that you may offer your gifts to the world and be endowed in the fortunes you will make

Our love for you holds so strong and so true and we’ve spent so so many years trying to talk to you!

You must teach others that there is no grief on the other side and through healing one thine own self, they will surely find…

A little piece of heaven at their front door and at first they may place doubt upon themselves and to their mind they may implore, yet behest once they accept this as true messages from those in heaven with whom they adore, their hearts will open and they will be flooded with more.

Tis your job to teach this, tis your job to teach this to people Amy, Tis your job to teach that again, grief is only an experience of the physical world, tis not an experience of the Angels in heaven adorned in the most magnificent pearls.

Creation, Amy is that which comes from our creator and our home is decorated with a different type of flavor. Tis here Amy, where unborn children of the throne laugh and play and throw their family pets a bone. Tis here Amy, where sunflowers sing and choirs bring, joy and peace to the world and to you, a very special girl 😊

You see, Amy we all come from one source and the choice is always yours….

You are but one of many talented Teachers of the gospel of truth

Shy away from this and your hearty passion you may lose for that is what gives you your fervor, your capacity to live. That is what quiets your restless heart murmur, your capacity to give.

You are here to teach Amy, teach about grief. Teach about grief. Teach about grief. In so that others may open their ability to see and in thus allowing their broken, down trodden and teary eyes to be free.

Teach about grief Amy, teach about grief. You have the ability to help so many people in this beautiful world if only you encourage your own self down and self-criticism to leave...

A student of the Sages, a teacher of the Ages Amy like you - has no formal degree and perhaps you might not even come from the “proper” pedigree AND yet you bring to the table the stories of the wind and the knowledge of its’ beautiful breeze

A natural born teacher, will take any opportunity to teach no matter the day nor the season

A teacher Amy sees the leaves and their bountiful colors, a teacher Amy sees the sweet sweet fragrances of the plants and dances in their beautiful wonder

Inspire the masses my child, to take out a prayer cloth and wipe off their eyeglasses

Inspire the masses, my child to read beneath the trees and bathe in my heavenly seas

Inspire the masses my child to skip through fields of gold as they write their stories that are untold

Inspire the masses to come out of hiding my dear child and unto me they WILL NOT be beguiled

For I am the great one, I am full of unconditional love

Inspire the masses Amy and you will find that in time it will become easier for thine own self to remove your own reading glasses. Inspire the masses my dear child across all nations and across all classes. Inspire the masses my “Little One” and allow your spirit to feel alive and to bask in fun 😊 Inspire Amy and fill your room with the most beautiful daisies.

As you connect to your purpose, as you connect to your message, you will begin to receive oh so many blessings. Wear your smile from ear to ear and spread your cheer from here to Lancalier.

Bright as the morning sun, tis through you my child that my work shall be done 😊 😊 😊


Jesus, God & "The Chai"