Dance the night away

Lower your stress levels and keep them at bay

Move your body in fun ways

Allow your mind to relax so that you can hear the answers to your prayers when you pray

Stretch your body to let out the kinks

Let the rays of your heart shine in 1,000 shades of pink

Dance through the chakras

One at a time

Feel their unique rhythmic movements

And allow them to shine

Start out slow with the earth beneath your toes

Gently awakening your precious body

After a late night and a few too many totties

Ease into this root of a place

Allowing yourself and others to let down their friendly desire to placate

Moving up to chakra two

Start to move those hips that are stuck like glue

Allow your hip joints to glisten and glide

As they start to remember their sensuality that they can no longer hide

And as your creativity starts to blossom

Pop up to the third chakra like a curious opossum

Let the power of your will

Come alive here with the courage it will instill

Encourage others to face their fears

Encourage others to step into their powerful light that they’ve been hiding for too many years

And, as the inspiration starts to flow

Come on up to your 4th chakra where your heart is emanating a warm tender glow

Embrace others here with love and compassion

On your way to work today don’t forget your fuel, to put gas in

Open your arms in this place

And unto yourself and others offer a warm embrace

As your heart flutters with joy

Come on up to your 5th chakra, the center stage hoy (today)

Let it bellow and shout

And proudly, loudly move through self doubt

Let the leaders all take turns

For in each and every one of us, a passion

Inside of us churns

Big gallant moves here

Loud and boisterous while communicating oh so clear

Let it all out like you’re at a wedding

Inhale its’ strength like the smell of freshly laid bedding

And just as you’ve reached the pinnacle of blue

Follow the leader up to the deep purple which is beckoning you

For it is here Amy in the 6th Chakra


Your intuition lives and you have the ability to access encyclopedias of every single genre

It is here where we start to slow the body down

It is here where we are preparing for our final destination, the Crown

It is here where you will dance your prayers

It is here where peoples’ bodies will start to feel relaxed without having taken a Bayer’s

It is here Amy where you will rejoice

As they slow down their bodies and quiet their gentle inner critics, that perpetual voice

And as their movement slows and they prepare for stillness, they once again find their Yoga mats

As in the 7th chakra they lay down for a quick little nap

This is where the guided relaxation comes in

This is where they venture and journey deep within

As you guide them through the forest

They will find their heavenly guides and know that they’re supported

And at the end of a very long class

Your students can leave knowing they had a blast

With a smile on their faces feeling joyfully happy

As they put on their sneakers and tie their shoelaces

Your class will end...

With each and every person feeling like there is just a tad bit more hope right there just around the bend


"The Chai"