I dreamed of you last night

I was watching a movie screen of our lives

I saw snapshots of us

Laughing and playing

We loved each other all along as the tragedies and triumphs of life left and came

Then, I was dancing around as Spanish music played

I was happy and alone and fluttering around, enjoying my days

I saw us through a new lens

I feel your love behind the cam-corder recording life’s twists and turns and little bends

I was so happy

Jumping into your arms

Yet I haven’t thought twice about who you’re with or where you are

I was hitting the rewind button on an old black remote

As the happiest of images of you and I, grazed across the screen in a story never again to be told

Then I saw my beloved Grandfather Clayt

It’s been ages since I’ve dreamed of him, since he died, since he crossed over into his new state

As I was zooming by fast forwarding through the movie, I hit stop and rewind and I saw his

chuckling face and I was instantaneously reminded of all of things that he would do for me

My mom was there too

She wanted to watch his laughter and cheer and his every move

It has been so many years since we’ve seen him in his physical form

We were amazed at his beauty, at his charm and we were surrounded by a loving energy

emanating from him that was ever so warm

Then, I saw Jessica from college

She was teaching detailed instructions to keep us from falling

As I awoke, the tears streamed down my face

I tried to write and cried again as I pictured your warm embrace

I know you were there with me again last night Poppy

I know you were here to add Reese’s Pieces to my almond ice cream hot fudge topping

I feel your spirit with me today

As I watch the time and conquer the enemies of thine own fate

Grandpa, I know it was you last night

Can you send me a sign letting me know that everything is going to be alright?

An unmistakable sign that I can’t confuse and it doesn’t have to be right now, it can be in time, in your own time

Grandpa, what’s happening to me?

I’ve stepped out on faith and through this, the early morning mist, I cannot see

My next step, that which beckons me

Grandpa, Poppy, what’s happening to me?

Am I really communicating with the spiritual realm and starting to see?

Grandpa, Clayton, Pops, Poppy

Is this real? I had no idea that when I started blogging

I’d communicate with those on the other side

I mean other than “The Chai,” my guides

Grandpa, I feel like they’re watching me

Grandpa, I feel like on my door they are knocking

Grandpa, how can I help these souls get their messages across?

We are here, Amy

We will instruct you, carefully on how to recover that which was once lost

You see, you’ve had this gift since childhood

Back then, without the impact of societal norms and expectations your intuition stood so so very strong

You see, Amy, it’s not new, it just has to be jumped, it just needs some juice

So to speak…

In these times when the ghosts of the past are contacting you with their tales oh so bleak

You are an interesting soul, that’s for sure

You’ve got a light over your head letting ghosts know that you are pure

We’ll help you Amy

This comes in time

As you commit to this path, taking steps of the blind

Along this journey willingly

And trustingly, unsure of what you will encounter, of what you will find

The thing is Amy

We feel your pain

We feel that you’re struggling and that you’re walking slowly with a beaten down cane

We feel as though your heart aches

And thus...

Feel our hope, for a better day

Your grandfather is near helping us guide you

Right through that which you fear

We believe in you and we believe in the healing work that you can do

You’re growing, tuning in, if you will

What does this mean? What void am I to fill?

The void of joy, of course 😊

Especially as you migrate up north

Amongst the trees and amongst those in dis-ease

You’re going to help them

Cross over to the other side

By educating their families and through time

You’re a Medium, Amy!

A what?

A Medium, Amy 😊

I’ve heard this before but what does this mean and how can I open the next door to explore?

One must practice and protect

One must hone thine own skill and one must meditate in order to create space for thine own self into the spiritual world to intersect

Once again, as we’ve told you before

You must use caution and understand what this protection is for

It’s as if you’re a Medium in training, an apprentice so to speak

Have faith Amy, trust us as we are here for you, shining light in times of darkness and in times that peak

Revel in your magic

Revel in your fabrics

Revel in your fashions

Revel in the time with friends and the potatoes you will be mashing

I feel you Amy, I really do, I feel like you are tired and looking around for your crew

I feel you Amy, I feel your confusion and fiery

I feel as today, Amy, you are teary

Feeling into that which has been undone

Feeling into that which desires love


Allow this time of upset and unrest to jingle jangle your soul


Apply in your actions, the energetic vibration of acting big and acting bold


"The Chai"