Election Day, Every Day

To my family and friends from near and far

To those who’ve come into my life to stay and to those who are only here with me in my heart

May we find peace amongst the chaos and hate

May we stand in love each and every day

May we find a way to unite against our differences

May we come together as we find the commonalities in our resistance

May we stay positive when the world mourns

May we stay united in a world so torn

May we forgive those with racist words for they do not yet know

The fields of anger and resentment that their very words sow

May we pray for those who will and have been the targets of violence

In a world where it can sometimes feel like being a minority means our rights are silent

May we forgive the misogynistic behavior that is alive and well today

Let us see the lightness through the darkness and let it wash away the pain

Let us be open to what good can come

From an election with results that cannot be undone

Let us learn from this cruel and divisive time

To always look upon our neighbor with compassion and to be kind

Rather than become helpless because of bigotry, racism and hate

Let us rise above in wisdom and not fall to the ground as victims in vain

For as a people we are strong

And in this country each and every one of us belong

I invite you to stand up on your own two feet

And look courageously into the eyes of defeat

For no victory is ever won

Without what you think you know being unwoven and undone

Now is a time to walk fearlessly each and every day each and every time

For we are the masters of our own fate

For it is up to us to be warriors of light, for it is up to us, tis’ our own lives that we create

Start the business you’ve always wanted to start

Show up in the world each and every day with passion and a generous heart

Leave the toxic environment that sucks the life out of your soul

For you do not have to wait to live ‘til you grow old

Live now and for today

Walk courageously through all the turmoil and the hate

Use your voice to heal the world

For your unique gifts and talents are beautiful pearls

No matter your color or your race

Look to strangers with a warm embrace

No matter your gender androgynous or woman or man

Walk over to greet them as your equal and shake their hand

If you’re a woman who’s been violently abused or raped

Don’t hide away in your den depressed and sad, it wasn’t your fault, there’s no reason to be ashamed

Let your beauty shine onto the world like the rays of 1000 suns

Burning to ashes all of the atrocities that to you have been done

Remember our ancestors, their love for mother earth and of the land, let us see with symbolic sight as the veil we tear

So that we may walk where our forebearers have walked, letting go of the whirlwind of ignorance and despair

Let us give thanks for the sweet sweet honey from our honey bees

Let us give thanks to our wise old trees

Let us be so thankful for the air we breathe

Let us live in a world that is for the people

Let us not prey on those parts of the population that are week and feeble

United we stand as a people of one

United we stay, we do not run

Let me take this one last chance

To remind you that it is your choice to wake up in the morning and dance, dance, dance!

Though it may seem murky and cloudy outside as thunder crashes against the mighty earth

Wipe your eyes so that you may see those magnificent blue skies that you yearn

And when it seems too difficult a task

Reach to your face and peel off the mask

The road less traveled so arduous, sometimes so blue

The road less traveled is that which beckons you

The road less traveled is so risky, so bold

The road less traveled is where you might be the happiest, or so I’m told

The road less traveled can be scary and wary

The road less traveled can be a choice you make that is oh so daring

The road less traveled goes high when the others go low

The road less traveled fights with the wisdom of the sages and not a bow

The road less traveled requires courage and fortitude

The road less traveled requires more sustenance, more nourishment, more soul food

As you walk upon the road less traveled, may you become a warrior of peace, a warrior of light

May you walk fearlessly in this world, one by one so that you may overcome this fight

And remember if you’re ever in doubt

Just reach up to heaven and give us a shout

For we are here with you every step of the way

Spreading our angel wings as you all learn by exercising free will to create your fate

And those whom you love who’ve crossed to the other side

Know that they’re right there with you and they hear your cries

We try to communicate with you the only way you can see

So be it a song on the radio or one leaf falling ever so gently from a tree

We are here with you guiding you through these tumultuous times

We lovingly hold you in our arms as you let out a bellowing scream or a soulful cry

We are those who have come before you and those will come after

So, please invigorate your world with a tad bit more laughter!

Let the musical symphony of harmony and peace

Play throughout the world until once again we meet…

Thank you so much for reading my blog & have a blessed day.

Many Blessings,