Fear & Letting Go

There are times in our lives that call for us to let go of that which no longer serves us. Like a caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly, like a snake shedding its’s skin, like a bear coming out of hibernation, there are times in our lives when we too must adapt to change and we too must adapt to and accept being in our newfound skin and to this new season of life which is upon us. After all, we are magnificent creatures meant to create and evolve not only ourselves and who we are but to further mankind and our entire species. The change which is upon us, the change that is upon me, can be felt reverberating around the world like a mighty earthquake thundering from the ground beneath us. It roars like a mighty mighty Tiger and its power and authority can be heard from miles away.

I once read a quote from a woman who said that claw marks can be seen in the many of the things she has let go of in her life. Why is that? Well folks, sometimes we hold on ever so tightly to people, places, things, circumstances, etc. that no longer serve us because they are COMFORTABLE and because they are COMFORTABLE they provide us with this sense of false security that we long for. It’s so scary to think about what could happen if we take a risk, it is so scary to think about what could happen if we not only step out of our comfort zone but we additionally then multiply that effect by continuously expanding the limits of our comfort zone so that we are constantly growing. You see folks, when we are uncomfortable, guess what happens?!?! You guessed it! Yes, we GROW exponentially😊.

Fear is a funny little word you see, it triggers an automatic emotional response in our bodies causing us to shut down and panic at times. If we listen to our fear and chose to move through it, we find our happy place. If we listen to our fear and instead allow it to immobilize us and to inhibit our forward movement halting our momentum and energy flow, we find a drought of passion and a well of utter stagnation sometimes sprinkled with self-loathing, anger, guilt, etc.

It, meaning fear, can literally weigh us down. Remember folks, your dreams were given to you for a reason and on purpose! Yes, and these dreams, they are yours and they can only be brought into fruition, they can only be brought into reality, they can only be created by you, the one and only beautiful, magnificent you! Throw comparisons and competitions out the window for there is only one YOU. You cannot compete with someone else because they are not YOU! If you try to hold your fear back or muffle it with a sound silencer, please note, this is only a temporary fix. Your fear is there for a reason, it is trying to get your attention and if you choose to selectively and actively ignore, eventually it will bubble up to the surface in a huge way like one of those GINORMOUS puss filled oozing pimples that we sometimes get on our faces. You know what I mean? Like the ones you get say for example, the day you are supposed to go on a date when you want to look your absolute best and instead you show up with a boulder on your face, Ha ha ha ha 😊 Yes, that is how fear works. It is your teacher folks. Allow yourself to be the student. Stop fighting it folks! Stop going to detention! Stop self imprisoning yourself and just face it. Face your fears….

Much love,