I Am, I Want, I Feel

My soul is quiet this morning and my heart is deep

It begs of me to listen to its’ whispers and gentle lullaby

In the stillness of the new moon

I twist and turn and fret about what I might lose

In the quietness of my soul

I am learning of a sacred work that wakes me up, even when I want to snooze

I don’t want to settle anymore

For that which is less than my abilities

I want to shine and dine with integrity and with nobility

I want to accept who I am

I want to trust in this journey across my new land

I want to accept the parts of me that I’ve hidden

I want to accept the parts of me that I’ve been told are forbidden

I want to step into my power like the mighty mighty Jaguar

I want to lift and dance and to create and to inspire

I want to go after that which I desire

I want to access that passion that dwells within me and all of its’ fire

I want to achieve greatness of the soul

I want to step into my power on as a healer and access my shamanic gifts of old

I want to teach the masses

Through online workshops and classes

I want to share this kindness that dwells within

By dancing with mothers and their kids

I want to share a message of hope and prosperity

I want to coach others on how to release scarcity

I want to believe in a picture that my own eyes cannot see yet

I want to dance and twirl and teach and swirl and creatively express the truest and most integral

parts of me

I want to breathe prosperity as oil in a lamp

I want to teach kids how to dance and have fun at summer camp

I want to fight demons that I must fight

In so that I can bring into fruition all of my dreams with all of his gracious might

I am here to heal

I am here to feel

I am here to help


I am here to spread joy, love and kindness in plenty

I am here to spread light and joy

I am here to be a mother at Christmas as her 3 precious children open up their toys

I am here to live a life of vigor and grace

I am here as a student learning from my mistakes

I am here to manifest greatness

I am here to dance and sign and give inspiration to those are faithless

I am here to be one of a kind

I am here to see how to find

Happiness and courage as others flourish

I am a coach to brave women who want to breakthrough

I am a healer for women who are at their wits end with seemingly nothing else to do

I am a healer for those who are lost

I am a coach for women whose “lives” are finally now gone

I am a coach in every sense and in every way

I teach women how to manifest that for which they pray

I am a writer of the sages

I have many talents and like a chameleon, I wear many faces

What if ONE thing is not my way?

What if I’m not satisfied with the mundaneness of an eight-hour day?

What if I want more on a soul level?

What if I want to get to the core of why women are hurting and why they’re feeling so very


What if I want to read their lines?

What if I am told their history and with their permission I can access their past lives?

Past lives, Amy are a cause for many people’s pain and strife

You see, Amy, their scars carry over with them from life to life

Until they heal that which needs to be healed

Until they face that which needs to be faced

At times, they are a victim of their own past

Unknowingly walking around without the slightest clue pertaining to their giant gash

It’s an open wound from before

It’s a place in their chakras

You will one day explore

You’ll sing and shout and jump with glee

As you focus your energy and you begin to see the things you will see

Dance will be your main thing

And, you’ll use it as a tool to heal the grief of others so that their own hearts can finally sing

Your energy will light up a room

As you enter and clap and fly in like a witch on a broom

You’ll teach it as a tool and you’ll eventually start to teach children in various schools

With your laughter and your joy

Again, Amy, you’ll be a mother watching her kids open their toys

You’ll dance with glee as your little bundles of joy bop and bounce and scream

You’ll be married soon

You’re singing the right tune 😊

You’re not ready to be all the things you teach

You need practice and patience and space to leave

In the future, you must see the forest through the trees

You’ll let go of a 9 to 5 mentality and your soul will be free

You’ll create income on your own time

You’ll create your own schedule and eternal bliss you will find

You’ll only do a reading once a week

This is because in the beginning your energy will need

A rest…

This type of work offers value, you see

This type of work will set your creative mind free

Different things are your niche

You’ll juggle all of your energy without a flinch

You’ll be abundant and successful beyond your wildest dreams

You are creating a future for yourself that is yet to be seen

As you feel into the cards

You’ll get comfortable in your heart

As you grow beyond your limits, you’ll see the end results of projects you finished

Again, you’ll grow and prosper in every sense of the way

You’ll teach others of your struggles and how it is that you become

To be

A successful author, healer and coach

You’ll speak of your trials and your triumphs

You’ll speak of the day you finally met your truest of truest true love

You’ll teach of these days that you’re living

You’ll teach of the questioning that goes on in your mind and of a constant fear of not winning

You’ll teach of risks and how they SAVED your life

You’ll teach of fear and all of its’ strife

You’ll teach the masses all around the world

You’ll be up on stage talking about how you were once just a small-town girl

That vision you saw of you on stage

It’s really going to happen and you’re the star of your own play

You’re a creative genius, an innovator of sorts

Yet right now, you feel frustrated and angry as partakers lift up their swords

There are some who just aren’t ready

For the dose of kindness that you inject into others so strong and steady

There are those that aren’t ready to take chances

There are those who’ll procrastinate and take back of their royalties and their advances

It is hard to be the master of your own vision

Especially because it feels like among your friends there is a division

They see you doing these powerful things

Yet they haven’t a clue of what such beauty your heart can sing

They doubt you as a fool

As a scared little girl who wants to play ball with the big kids, a little girl who just wants to be cool

Yet, we see it

You are a Queen among peasants, Amy

Tis I St. Anne

I stand here firmly and I take my stance

Tis I who watched over you on your path

There was a reason you’ve had those funny experiences you’ve had

I am your spirit guide through and through

And today I travel through the fog to come and communicate with you

I see your cowardice and your beauty

I see your struggles and your pain

Tis I who carries a mighty, mighty duty

Tis I, I feel your life path and I feel your pain

I speak a language of the old

I specialize in tongues as if from thine own soul

I am here

I feel your fear

I feel a woman in a peasant’s body

Amy, you’re a medium, feel the fear and let God in

Years long ago, they came from a pact that was made

At a time when homes were still built with stones

You must go to bed and cover your eyes

And find…

That there is still a chord of light connecting you to the heavenly divine

It’s all there Amy, it’s in the books

It’s all there, Amy, the risks that you took

I feel you on my right

Yes, that is where we come to you in your peripheral sight

Vast amounts of knowledge will be a bound

As you move forward and commit to this new life that you’ve found 😊


"The Chai," Amy & her Spirit Guide