I Feel

I feel…

I feel…

I feel…

Amy, you were here once before and this time around

Amy, you will let your heart soar

You’ll be happy and free

If only you’d let down your walls of guilt

You’d be set free

I feel it so deeply here today

This presence, this longing to create the life that my imagination begs

I feel it coming out of me

I feel it shining in the distance begging to be seen

There are great creations within my soul

Yes, this writer’s block has been with me since Barney and it’ll be with me until I grow old

There’s something inside of me that I’ve got to express

There’s something inside of me that sees beauty in every mess

I’m free

I’m soaring high above the tree tops with glee

I’m not trying to fit into a box

My services are unique and they’re practicing an art lost gone

I am unique and even as my emotions twist and burn and go and find their way down every winding street

I feel it in my soul

I feel it living and breathing and I feel its’ identity starting to mold

I feel it’s like birthing a child

I feel the anticipation and my feelings are running wild

I feel it inside of me

This thing that wants to come out, this thing that wants to be set free

I feel it deeply that all the things of the past are gently leaving

I feel the wells of yesterday running dry

As I sit and reminisce about days of old that have gone by

So my many lovers and friends

So many relationships that came to a tragic end

I feel the rawness of those times

At a time of prosperity and growth, I feel my soul begging to be aligned

Dance your heart away Amy

Feel into the messages that we say

Feel into that which is real

Feel into the depths of your soul for you’re watching a movie reel

Feel us as we are around you

Feel us as we inspire your life and awaken your muse

Feel into this Amy, start saving

I feel you Amy

I feel your agony and your pain

I feel your inner transformation and your rise to fame

I feel your game

I feel your plays

I feel your moves

And I’m telling you, I feel your muse

I feel here in the melodies of your soul

I feel her rejecting everything, that to your ego, fear has told

I see you up there, on stage

I feel you there as if you are a beautiful actress in a magnificent play

I feel you Amy

You are not alone

I feel your strength as you carry each and every stone

I feel you Amy

I feel like it’s time

I feel like it’s your time to shine

I feel like you’re here

I feel like you’re facing your fears

I feel the pain bubbling up inside of you

And today

Its’ tears flow down your face and your energy once again starts to move

I feel your creativity flying high

I feel your heart opening just in time

I feel it in the depths of your soul

I feel it as if it’s winter time and burr you are so cold

The heat of your inner wisdom keeps you warm

As you brave the cold harsh winter storm

You’ve lived many times and many lives

You came here equipped to shine

Gifts and talents galore

Before long, its’ mystery will be revealed and you will agonize no more

Gifts are given to you in time

As you release that which no longer serves you and faithfully surrender to the divine

You’re still wishy washy with us, your spirit guide posse

I feel you open and close like a flower blowing its’ nose

I feel you say yes and no

Like the ground as its covered with beautiful flowers and covered with snow

I feel you fight that which is so true inside of you

I feel you doubt yourself and all the wonderful things you do

I feel you question yourself

I feel the breath of your chest rise and fall the further you delve

Into the unknown and uncertainties of life

Gallantly moving forward unsure of what you may find

I feel you Amy in your apartment again pacing back and forth

I feel you Amy asking your soul to point you in the whatever direction is north

I feel you at the sea frantically searching for a lighthouse that can safely guide you back to safety

I feel your angst and the uncomfortableness of your unwavering soul’s mission and the uncomfortableness of why you are here

It’s slowly peaking its’ head from beneath the waters

And as you feel it there’s an aliveness in you that solders

That which is gone just like a newborn baby fawn

I feel alive for the first time in years

I feel alive even though through all of my tears

I am here with you Amy

You are never alone as you are connected to a spiritual telephone

There is a so much frenetic kinetic freedom-ly creative energy with you that wants to break free

I feel you always

I feel like your safe harbor out to sea

I feel you, that’s how I communicate to you the truth

I feel into you and I break through the times that are so blue

I feel like it’s hard for you to do that

It is Amy, I live on a higher vibratory place and it’s difficult to lower myself to your coarse and dense frame

Of mind that you find yourself in

As you go through your days and live, live, live

It feel it IS in within

I feel it DOES want to come out and play

I feel it WILL present itself along the way

I feel your reverence and your charm

I feel you as you bloom and as you visit a cherry farm

I feel you Amy

You are here

This I know

Thank you for coming through and guiding me through a cement bucket of stagnation and fear

I feel like you’ve missed us

I feel like your heart is once again filled with an abundance of love

Create sacred space, create answers for the obstacles you face

Feel it

Breathe it

Will it

Into existence…

Let it be known


~The Unknown~