Manifesting 101: Setting the Foundation

Manifesting 101 Setting the Foundation Requirements:

  1. Old School Way – A pen or a pencil & a notebook

  2. Modern Way – A laptop, desktop computer, tablet or any other electronic device you feel comfortable using for writing

  3. Commitment of 1 hour a day (at the minimum)

  4. A quiet place where you can write with no interruption

It is important to say that I am a vessel for this material and I am the middle man just passing along to you that which was taught to me from my spiritual teachers. If you think I’m going to wave my imaginary magic wand around and poof a magic genie will appear to grant you your 3 favorite wishes… I’m sorry to disappoint you but there are no magic wands or magic genies here, just a simple woman whose passionate about teaching you practical and effective ways to attract your heart’s desire. Attracting your heart’s desire is simple, if you are super clear on what you want and you are committed. That which is in your life is a result of that which you attract. Everything has an energetic vibration. Your thoughts have an energetic vibration as do your words so please, be mindful of how you speak. Before we get to the meat and bones of manifesting, we must set the foundation so that you can begin your great work. Most likely, the things and/or people that you want to attract into your life are at a different, higher vibrational frequency than you are operating at right now. Your current vibrational frequency fits where you’re at right now but it’s not in alignment with where you want to go and with the opportunities you would like to attract into your life. So, you’ve got to raise it. Prep Stage 1. Write down what you love every morning for 30 days. Write down anything that comes out of you, let it just flow out of you, uncensored. Don’t edit what you write. A few examples of mine are:

  • I love laughing

  • I love flowers

  • I love tea

  • I love the sun

  • I love my fluffy warm pajamas from my bestie Jessica 😊

This is not a thinking project, this is a right brain activity. If you find yourself stopping to think, you’re getting stuck in your head and you need to get out 😊 Leave your thinking cap for another time. 2. Write down what your gifts are. For example, when I do this exercise I write things like:

  • I am a healer

  • I am a writer

  • I am a teacher

  • I am a leader

  • I am a speaker

3. Write down what you wish was in your life. For example, when I do this exercise I write things like:

  • I wish I’d attract 5-6 new students to my Let Your Dance Class

  • I wish I’d attract 1-2 new energy healing clients

  • I wish I’d attract opportunities to teach

  • I wish I’d be teaching

  • I wish I’d get paid to speak professionally

4. Lastly, write down what you would do if you weren’t afraid. Here are a few examples from my daily routine:

  • If I weren’t afraid I’d let it all go

  • If I weren’t afraid I’d go for it

  • If I weren’t afraid I’d grow my business

  • If I weren’t afraid I’d create content on a mass scale

  • If I weren’t afraid I’d dance, dance, dance!

These four steps are simple yet effective. They are setting the framework for your manifestations, essentially these steps are helping you to get super, duper clear on what it is your soul really wants and this clarity creates an energetic path for which your thoughts to follow. You get what you focus on, literally. So, instead of focusing on that which you do not desire, instead of focusing on negativity, you are focusing your thoughts and energy on that which you do want and on positivity. As you do this, you will start to notice that you will start attracting things that you love into your life and you will start attracting new abundant opportunities into your life. Stay tuned for the next part in this series of Manifesting 101. Many Blessings,