Manifesting Q & A

Have any of these questions ever plagued your mind?

How can I manifest abundance?

How can I open my heart and allow love to flow in?

How can I create the kind of life that I want?

How can I create abundance from all of the teachings I’ve been taught?

How can I manifest my dreams into fruition?

By using my natural gifts and my intuition?

Is it really possible to achieve my dreams?

Is there really an entire world unexplored, a world unseen?

Is it really possible to achieve greatness?

I’m not a spring chicken anymore, will God the creator really forgive me for my lateness?

And here are the answers to some of your questions...

As humans, you sometimes go…

Round and round in your minds baffled by that which you do not know

You vibrate on a lower level than us

This is great and fantastic because you come to earth to learn lessons before returning to your home up above

Your bodies are more heavy and dense

& that’s wonderful because you need to stay grounded and to your journey you must tend

Yet as you sometimes muck along

You may come to a crossroads where you feel like you don’t belong

This is where often times as humans you start…to hear the whispers of your sweet, sweet soul’s song

It goes beyond who you think you are or what you’ve done wrong

It’s a visceral feeling you get in your gut

Its’ force is so strong, it overrides anything you’ve ever done

It’s a simple point in time

When your fear of staying complacent becomes greater than your fear of taking a risk as you

listen to the soft whispers of the wind as it chimes

It’s a place in space

Where you find your inner warrior & your multitude of strength

You know not yet what is to come

And yet you feel supported with universal love

You’ll know when this furlough arrives

Because the warm delectable honey it will be oozing as the bees swarm round their bee hives

And as one thing falls, you will be given another blessing, another opportunity to rise

You’ll be excited and scared

You’ll be looking around for St. Nick and his jolly white beard

Praying for miracles to come

Wondering if you’ve already done all that you could have done

And it is here at this place of uncertainty that you will find

The most auspicious place to quiet your mind

Oh, honey and the sweet morning dew

If only you knew how much I loved you

You ask yourselves

How can I manifest abundance in that field in which I delve?

How can I open my heart

And allow the mighty mighty blessings to start?

Oh my child, children of me, descendants of Galilee

Your thoughts become alive before you can ever see

Scripture says…

And unto me a child is born, the King of the Jews, the King of Israel

Many, many years ago, the people of our times were tortured and seized and endured many many trials

And unto them a savior was born

And yet, before his arrival the townsmen were forlorned

As the son of God, as the King of the Israelites

Amy, he really was born with a job to do and with a message to spread

They knew he was coming before he arrived

This is to show and remind

You of the power of the great divine

The people of those times had to have faith in that which lives beyond

Their unwavering faith is what fed their souls from dusk til dawn

They could feel it in their bones

The freedom of the Jews as their true God sat upon his throne

Can you see us Amy?

We are the whitest doves and the blackest of blackest ravens

We are here to help you & your students manifest their deepest, darkest, lightest, and brightest desires

We are here to tell you that in order to manifest you must first FEEL the fire

Spend time visualizing your new mark on this world

And, Oh... watch zealously as the pages in your book will turn

As you feel into every breath of your dream

As its’ aroma bathes you in fragrances your senses can only gleam

As its’ scenery basks in your glory

How can you manifest with your two hands and two feet with your heart as a compass guiding the way?

Well, my dear child, it’s easy… you gently allow those beautiful feet of yours to hit the pavement where the rubber meets the road and from there with your passion alive, with your passion inside, there where your passion resides you will ardently stay

Making calls, practicing your desired skill and of course taking time to quiet your mind

Your students of all ages must believe in I, God of the sages…


“The Chai”