Messages from The Other Side: Hello Grandfather 😊

A few days ago, I dreamt of my Grandfather who is in heaven.

In my dream, I was watching a VHS tape with my mother and I kept rewinding back to the same scene over and over again.

We were both so delighted to see him because it had been years since Grandpa’s passing and it had been years since we’d seen his face or heard his laugh.

But, there he was, my Grandfather, sitting at a kitchen table just like the one that he used to sit at in our house in Ti when I was a teenager, many years ago. This is the very spot where we used to sit and listen to my Grandfather tell jokes and stories of old. It was literally the highlight of my day growing up.

In the midst of my dream, I felt his chuckling laughter surrounding me and I felt loved.

The morning I wrote to him asking him to send me an unmistakable sign that everything was going to be okay.

Then, this morning I felt the need to peruse through a magazine brochure that’s been sitting on my own kitchen table for a few weeks now and my eyes were automatically drawn to the name in the picture above. Clayton. Clayton was my Grandfather’s name.

I love you Grandpa Clayt. Thanks for stopping by to say hello 😊

Often times, I hope that I’ll have a “human” conversation with my Grandfather and my loved ones who’ve crossed over to the other side. Like the type of human conversation (s) that we had here on earth, using our voices to communicate.

However, over the years, I’ve found that spirit is indeed communicating with me, yet it’s through a different channel, a different vibration. I’ll have a dream, I’ll have a strong feeling, I’ll have a knowing, I’ll draw a face, I’ll paint a sign and I’ll write automatically, sometimes so fast that my pencil lead breaks 😊

Have you received any signs or messages from your loved ones lately?

If so, how do your loved ones speak to you?

I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.