****Untitled Poem #1

In the silence of the lulls

I came across a luscious field with flowers blooming...

Oh, so beautiful in ways I have never known

As I looked around at the mighty, mighty trees

I was surrounded by their abundance and I felt free, free, free ❤️

******************************************************************************************** Untitled Poem #2

I am in a field of golden leaves

I am indulging in the sweet, sweet honey of the honey bees

I am sitting on a wooden dock, down by the sea

I am in a meadow of sunflowers, tis' their scents I shall breathe

I am surrounded by 1,000 mosquitoes yet I haven't been bitten not ONCE, not even by the tiniest of flees

I feel the caress of my lover as his fingers start to careen

I feel the rain droplets pitter-patter on my skin, as thunder crashes down and I twirl and I spin

I feel indulgent, I feel free

Heavenly Father, I feel so grateful to finally be able to just be me

******************************************************************************************** Untitled Poem #3

I feel like a child with colorful crayons

I feel like an adult who is following through & solidifying her plans

I feel like an infant just waking up

I feel like an adult who has finally given herself permission to be enough

******************************************************************************************** Untitled Poem #4

I feel like a Queen who sits upon her throne

As I relish in the harvest from the seeds I have sown

A glass of wine rests in my hand

I can't believe I'm teaching kids in China, where will I teach next, maybe Japan?

******************************************************************************************** Untitled Poem #5

I feel the warm rays of the sun upon me

I taste the glaze of homemade donuts and smell the sweet sweet aroma of Christmas wreathes

I face the Lake of George and I let out a sneeze

I'm so glad I let you go

I can finally breathe


Many Blessings,