Reiki Healing Energy

Good Morning Amy, rise and shine 😊

Reiki is an ancient healing art that originated in Japan.

Today’s lesson, Amy

is more inspirational in nature for we want you to share the healing benefits of Reiki with others.

It’s a laying of the hands method of healing (which you already know because you’ve been professionally trained). But, let’s talk about the basics, here, from our perspective.

Rule #1 – Your body is merely a vehicle for which the healing light to pass through. You are a vessel. It is not your energy we are using for if you used your own energy then you would become very drained and you would feel exhausted.

When doing this work, you must handle thine own body with care, for the easier your channels open and are open and flowing and in sync with your body, the easier it is for us to guide you and the easier it is for our energies to move through you.

You see Amy, you have mini chakras on your hands. This you know from rubbing your hands together rapidly and feeling the heat and the energetic “ball” in your hands. It is real, it is the energy of your intention, the energy of the heart. You will come to understand this later in your journey.

At this stage, it’s pretty clear that you can feel it but you cannot see it. The energy comes out of the vortexes or chakras on the tips of your fingers and in the center of your hands.

When doing energy healing and for now, specifically Reiki and a type of massage (energetic) that you learned and seemed to love, always drink a lot of water to clear out your body and to access your magnetic field. To make it easier, just think of water as a conductor for your intuition okay? It magnifies it. You are doing something unique here. You are combining the origins of Japanese hands on healing with the origins of Chinese healing. You are combining them both to create your own unique style that is simple yet effective. We are helping you get clear and confident on this.

At first Amy, you will start with general healings, and in time, they will advance to the next level and become more detailed. Though you have learned this in most of your classes and you have previously practiced this to an extent, you will also learn how to clear a space. It is important that you take this step seriously and you honor its’ intention and purpose. It is here for your own safety and protection and for the safety and protection of others. It is also set in place to heal. It is going to help clear the energy in a room, in a space and in time you will learn how to effectively help others cross over to the light. In fact, to an extent, albeit unbeknownst to you, you already are. How is this possible you might ask? This is a different topic for a different time Amy. Okay, getting back to business here. For now, your space clearing so that you may raise your vibration and so that you can invite your Guides and Angels in to assist. Clearing the space is sacred because it sets a clear intention for healing for each one of your clients. It clears out stagnant energy or energy that is just there as a remnant from the day (s). It clears the energy and in so that when all that is unneeded in your healing space is at bay, a sacred healing space is created for your clients and you and your client will be engulfed in the white light.

You are going to lay stones in the future but not now.

The term that comes to mind regarding this topic is “Energy Sieve.”

So, it’s important that you clear your own energy as well beforehand so that you can easily access our guidance and so that you are a clear channel. Meditation beforehand will help with this so will positive mantras to help you raise your energy level and to help you get out of your head.

It is important to use your body in a way that makes your client feel relaxed. This you’ve already learned yet we feel it’s important to stress this point because the clients you will be working with can really benefit from your soft touch and gentle kindness. What we mean by this is sometimes you may not even physically lay your hands on your client. For, just as it were done to you and just as you’ve learned in the past in your schooling, you will learn to read their energetic blueprints and you will assist in guiding them back to health. When you do this, you may not be physically touching the person who is your beloved client. This is because you will begin to sense their auric field. The energy of the unseen world will become clear to you. The client will feel this just as you did.

Be patient Amy, the clients will come. You must commit and believe that you are not alone. We are here guiding you and if you open your heart in this sacred space and ask and allow us to, we can work through you to provide immense healing to your clients. At first, a lot of your clients will feel tired after your sessions. Advise them to drink water and rest as you are assisting in recalibrating their energies.

This is an ancient healing technique that comes from the sages of old. We feel it necessary to teach you now for when the student is ready, in this case the teacher(s) appear and when the TEACHER is ready, the student(s) appear. This is sacred work, Amy. You must honor it and commit to doing it effectively, essentially you must commit yourself to showing up and have the courage to be open and to be guided. Your clients will be guided to you because they are in need of healing. Immense healing. They will come to you because they are stuck, the energy in their life is stuck and stagnant and blocked somewhere and it is your job to get the energy flowing again. They have to want to change though for if you open their channels, the effectiveness of this will only last for so long without your client’s will and consent.

Which brings us to our next point. You must always ask permission before working on someone. Whether aloud or in your mind’s eye, telepathically, you must not forget this step. It is vital. At times, you will work with the radiant circuits. These are here, this type of healing is to bring people more joy in their lives. You will work the chakras, the meridians and the mini chakras along the meridians. It is time for you to start Amy.


“The Chai”