Socrates, Plato & Others like Edgar Allen Poe

Socrates and Plato

Are sitting up in heaven

Conversing at the table

Over good food and wine telling nursery rhymes and fables

Reminiscing about a beautiful muse they once called Mabel

Those were the good ol’ days they chuckle

As they sip on their fresh home brewed tea made of honey suckle

And lime




Back and Forth

About Edgar Allen Poe’s crime

Sinister they say

As he enters the room

For his poetic versus are most definitely filled with doom and gloom

Of a tortured heart

In a brilliant man

Of a befuddled start

With emotions that traversed up and down like quicksand

Then there is the phantom of Romeo and Juliet

It sways across the stage just as it swayed across the set

It inspired young lovers

To kiss and dance

It led young lovers

To linger in an unrequited romance

Its’ inspiration spread for miles and miles

Its’ story could be heard from the ghosts at the Nuremberg trials

You see Amy, Shakespeare himself, a writer of sorts

Got it right when he realized that mastering the pen would come to be his greatest sport

Oh, and Aristotle and the Stars

Do you know that when he passed he went and visited Jupiter and Mars

All the mathematicians of their time

Knew that numbers Amy are much more than that which the clock chimes

You see Amy, the energy of the universe so tried so true

The energy of numbers is an ancient language that speaks to you

Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel

Rome and its’ gladiators who won the most victorious of battles

And then there was Pocahontas with her long black hair

Oh Amy she’s a beautiful woman with which all the men would stare

Into her eyes just like yours

Into her heart to ease the pain of thine own swords

And in you Amy, here it goes

People find that your authenticity fills in their holes

They find comfort in your warm embrace

They find ease in your company because they know you’re safe

A playful little creature you are, we must say

We often look in on you at times as from your path you sometimes stray

You love to laugh about the lawn

You love to splash in the water naked from dusk til’ dawn

You love to joke like Robbin Williams

You love the smell of warm apple pie and all of its’ fillins’

You love to teach and lead the masses

You must be patient as we are up in heaven weaving our baskets

And though you feel alone at times

We are always with your right by your side

You love to laugh and you love to play


You love to bask in the warm sunbathing sun all day

Your joy guides are here

As you grin from ear to ear

As your belly rumbles and the bumble bees bumble

We are your guides in the sky

Perceived to be way up high

We’re only about 3 feet above you, just a short little climb

It’s a holographic image of your earth

With colors you can’t imagine, with many libraries with which to learn

We too laugh and play

We even get busy sometimes and out all night we stay

We can enjoy the festivities as you do

We can go to concerts and our bodies we can move

You see Amy, it’s different here

Our molecules and atoms are in a sort of ethereal sphere

Our sadness never leaves us because it quite simply is never near

We watch a holograph of our lives

Play on the screen as our neighbor laughs in the water and she as swan dives

As our daughter finds our loving arms and she lets out a huge sigh

As we feel those we have hurt

As we peel back the layers of the onion, we review the lessons that we have learned

And we often scream and shout

Forgetting that love is what this life was truly about


"The Chai"