The Grief of Letting Go

Often times we find ourselves holding on so tightly to that which IS… that we lose sight of that which can be, meaning there are times in life when we know that certain people, places, things, etc. aren’t necessarily good for us and yet we hang on to them for dear life, afraid of losing that which is so very comfortable to us. It becomes our crutch, our excuse for “staying” in mediocre relationships and our excuse for accepting less than what our heart’s desire and less than what we deserve. Each one of us has that “thing” that we just can’t seem to let go of…It is as if it is our vice, that which we use to numb the pain that writhes inside of us. For example, we use that disrespectful person in our life as a way to tell ourselves that we are less than, less than the voice that speaks to us, less than WHO WE ARE… The grief of letting go is of course accompanied by the wisdom of moving on but when we’re in the thick of things, when we’re in the jungle or drowning at sea, our eyes are blinded by the here and now, that which we’ve created as an illusion in our minds.

The grief of an ending of sorts, the grief we carry for a loved one who is about to or who has already crossed over to the other side burns so hot with fury that your mind thinks it is opening day at the Olympics and you’re carrying the torch. And, that’s just it. YOU ARE… fire is meant to burn through that which no longer serves us, it is meant to transform into ash that which no longer serves us and deliver it back to mother earth so that it can be renewed and recycled once again. As humans, we like to be in control, it’s simply in our nature and yet, the loss of a loved one and/or significant other reminds us that no matter how much we think we’re in control, we’re really not. There’s a higher power at play here, one that we cannot change or manipulate. One that just is… The grief we carry over decades, over millennium is no longer suited for us NOW… We often beat ourselves up over things we simply cannot control. We argue and fight with the universe and we pound the earth’s floor trying to make sense of that which IS NOT… ours to judge or understand. The heavy burden of grief, it wears away at your soul… if you let it, if you get stuck in it, if you let it linger.

There is a Yin and a Yang to everything in nature and in so that this same grief that tugs on your soul can be the same grief that transforms that which was into that which is. This same grief can transform a caterpillar into a butterfly. It really can be a beautiful tool for transformation, for awakening one’s soul, for finally having the courage to listen to that inner whisper that speaks so loudly inside of you…

I share this simple yet profound message with you today because there are so many of us whose lives have been shattered and turned upside by grief that simply isn’t meant to be buried, we’ve imprisoned a grief that is meant to fly, we’ve locked away gold is meant to shine….

Many Blessings,