The Vocation of Life

The Vocation of Life

We are young

We are old

We are love

We are bold

We sing the songs of our souls

Returning home to the streets of Gold

We laugh we play

We sing we pray

We rejoice in the Glory of the Great One

We celebrate and toast to a job well done

We feast with loved ones whom we thought were gone

Only to find out their spirits were with us from dusk ‘til dawn

We look at a movie projector of our lives

It instantaneously brings us back in time

We see our pain and our strife

We see where we did good and perhaps where we failed to try

We see our failures and our triumphs

We revisit our decisions and how we inevitably made our minds up

We are surrounded by the elders and by the Great One, also known as God

We are not by any means chastised or criticized for what we’ve done wrong

O’ Contrare, we are surrounded by a force of light in a place right where we belong

You see, this life we’ve been given is so precious and so kind

We are all here to learn, experience and grow as a people, as all of mankind

So before you get to those pearly white gates

Stop and ask yourself, why are you here and what is your desired fate?

Are you to be a musician inspired by choirs of angels?

Or perhaps you’re here to own your own coffee shop where you’ll sell the most delightfully delicious bagels

Are you here to heal the world like Mother Theresa?

Or maybe you’re here to help immigrants obtain their visas

Do you paint pictures of peace?

Do you dance passionately encouraging people to get out of their seats?

Follow your vocation, whatever it may be, for you will be surprised at where following your heart may lead

Are you here to be a father?

It’s never too late to have a daughter

Are you here to bore twins?

It’s never too late for you to create your next of kin

Oh and how you will be filled with joy and love

As you hold your precious little peanut in your arms, surely a blessing from up above Again we say from the heavens to the earth

Follow your vocation as we are all here to serve

And now we sing to you the melodies of Heaven

You are surrounded and protected by the Great Jaguar Medicine

We love you now here and then

We love you in the past and in the future time and time again

Should your soul ever be weary and downtrodden

Open your heart and let God in

Should you cry tears of loneliness and disappointment

Let your intuition guide you to the perfect ointment

Should you ever want to give up

Hold your head high and ask for strength from up above

May we send good tidings and blessings your way

We want you all to know that you are not alone and we hear you when you pray

To all my soldiers and warriors alike

May you be brave, for you may lose a battle but not the fight

May you conquer the uncertainty of the unknown

With a confidence and clarity of the Great Kings and Queens of the past as they sat upon their thrones

To all my children red, white & blue

Please always remember I love you