Inspiration in its’ purest form is the truest representation of your idea, that which you want to emanate, that which will guide you and lead you to your life’s purpose which is in essence to guide, to teach and to facilitate healing in others.

You are drawn to movement because moving your human bodies releases stagnation in your muscle and cellular memories. By walking, stretching and dancing, you are reprogramming your cells in your body as a whole and in its’ entirety. You’re getting the juices flowing again. You’re lubricating your bones. Your BREATHING which helps to circulate oxygen in your beautiful majestic physical body and this in turn helps to relax any anxieties, worries and tensions of the present moment.

WRITING my child is that which creates healing in and of itself for you and others whose emotions are bottled up inside, praying for that Genie in a bottle to grant their foreboding wish. Writing is a cathartic release to those in need of releasing and relaxing the tension in their mind. Writing creates freedom of judgment. It creates a freedom inside of their souls, a safe haven for the majestic and beautiful art of releasing. Don’t fight this AMY, allow this to unfold as it is supposed to, naturally. Keep your head held high like the High Priestess that you are. We are here for you and we love you dearly. Okay, back to the point. Writing, it connects you to your guides AMY. It’s sloppy and it’s messy and it’s moving your energy. It’s creating forward momentum from the stagnation that you’ve been mucking around in for oh so long. It creates room for you my dear to lead and guide others to do the same with nothing more than the stroke of a pen or as their fingers tap the words and letters out onto their keyboards. This is for everyone AMY and it is especially for you so that in this you may find your voice, the one you’ve been suppressing for so very long.

This could be THE LOVE AFFAIR OF A LIFETIME, if AMY, you allow it to be and if you allow others to help to guide you along the way. Allow us to speak to you and guide you through your writing as you are supported in the heavenly realms and we hold you in reverence as we lay our hands on you sending you love, light and joy.

Which brings us to our next point AMY, the value of fun is under rated in the human world. It really truly is fun, which is in essence what you’re teaching without knowing it, in your classes. Fun, it creates an escape from adrenal fatigue and the every so powerful fight or flight response that many humans are in a constant flux of. Laughter and joy AMY are not only great at relieving stress but they are in and of themselves strategic tools for healing and for accessing their intuition. For example, AMY, when you allow yourself to have FUN you allow yourself to let down your walls for a bit and what happens is the flood gates, the channels of energy called your MERIDIANS (which you already know a little of) release blockages that you’ve been carrying in your head which in turn allows your bodily organs to function at a higher level of effectiveness and as their channels of energies open up and are flowing, we are more easily able to communicate with you, that which your higher self eats. Let’s rephrase this. The guidance that we communicate with you is nourishment for your soul. Here is one for you – Imagine this as a green smoothie for your soul healthy doses of vitamins and minerals which in turn helps guide you to that which you as a human signed up to learn and experience in this lifetime. It is a channel, a vessel that you are opening.


“The Chai”